Topic: Senior Lifestyles

Aging & Caregiving in the News

More women going gray; BMI isn't the only number for healthy weight; could a sad movie make us feel better?

Fighting Ageism in 2021

In the U.S. and around the world, the pandemic has called attention to attitudes about older adults. What can we do to promote a more just society for seniors?

If It’s "Zoom for the Holidays" This Year

Keeping older loved ones included if your family celebration will be online.

Overcoming an Epidemic of Senior Loneliness

Today, say experts, more older adults are experiencing a sense of isolation—and this is very bad for their health. Here are some tips for staying connected even if we have health challenges.

Volunteer for Better Health

Check out this infographic that shows how we help ourselves when we help others!


Social Media Safety for Seniors

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Nextdoor can keep older adults connected with others. But there are some pitfalls to avoid.

4 More Reasons to Watch Less TV

Experts tell us that sitting around too long is bad for our health—and settling in on the couch with the remote in hand tempts us to do just that!

senior asian people getting together and having a good time

Some Ways to Improve Health Are Easy and Enjoyable

We all know the “usual” ways of getting or retaining good health – eat the right foods, exercise, don’t smoke, and if you drink, do so in moderation. One of the advantages of living in a skilled nursing facility is that some of these things – such as eating nutritiously – are done for you automatically. Most nursing facilities have registered dietitians on staff, whose job it is to make sure residents are eating well. And nursing homes also have daily activities that usually include exercise or movement classes. But you still need some motivation to stick to a healthy regimen. Exercise classes aren’t mandatory and if you have a chronic condition such as arthritis, exercise may be painful. Friends and family may bring you cakes and cookies to munch on between meals. Let’s face it – staying healthy can be hard work!

A Five-Point Checklist for Navigating Your Neighborhood

The National Council on Aging offers tips to help seniors avoid fall injuries while making their way around the community.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Bored with your exercise routine? Lace up your ballet shoes and head to the barre!

"What's That, Valentine? Speak Up!"

A new study examines the stresses hearing loss puts on a couple's relationship.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

In this issue: senior safety on the bus, understanding the results of Alzheimer's tests, and lowering our fall risk with yoga.

Portrait of happy family wearing Santa caps on Christmas Eve

Creating a Happy Holiday for Someone Living in a Skilled Nursing Facility

The holidays are a joyous time of the year, but they can also come with added stress. Shopping, getting ready for traveling, or welcoming visitors can seem overwhelming during what is usually a busy time of year. And if you have a loved one living in a nursing home, trying to include them into your holiday plans can become challenging with all you have on your plate.

Draining the Swamp of Ageism

With our growing senior population, it's more pressing than ever to improve the ways we talk about growing older and the challenges of aging.

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Learn Something New Every Day

An interesting study says our brains could benefit from learning more like we did when we were children.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Protecting seniors from a common scam; the growing caregiver burden; study shows generosity grows with age.

Top 10 Myths About Seniors and Exercise

Gone are the rocking chair days! Most older adults and their families know how important it is to be physically active—but some misconceptions might stand in the way.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

The CDC recommends mall walking; your smoke alarm has a "pull date"; does the language we use about Alzheimer's disease affect those who are living with it?

Turn Excuses Into Exercise!

Now that the days are cooler and the holidays are upon us, it can be tempting to skip our workout. Before you do, read this first.

Techno-Caregiving: When You're Mom's Help Desk

Does this sound familiar? You went to visit your elderly parents, only to spend hours helping them with computer problems. Here are tips for those finding themselves in this increasingly common caregiver role.

Aging and Caregiving in the News

Texting affects the "sixth sense" that protects us while driving; family may notice a loved one's memory loss first; do you have "gamer's thumb"?

Old ladies keeping entertained by nurse in care home

Activities at Skilled Nursing Facilities – It's Not Just About Bingo

Staying socially engaged as we age is an essential component to our overall health and well-being. Several studies have shown that people who are more social get sick less and have healthier minds.

Aging and Caregiving in the News

The value of elders; exercise protects against Alzheimer's disease; when to collect Social Security

Can I Stay Home As I Grow Older?

What services can help seniors remain independent and safe in their own house or apartment?

Music Is a Powerful Tool for Healthy Aging

Offering physical, emotional, neurological and social benefits, music might be considered a wonder drug.

Aging and Caregiving in the News

Super Bowl loss can be hard on the heart; ageism linked to dementia; how well do seniors find healthcare information online?