Topic: Medications

Infographic: 8 Medication Safety Tips for Seniors

Here's a visual reminder of ways to ensure our medications help, and not harm, our health.

Experts: The Opioid Crisis is Harming Older Adults

Some seniors are having trouble getting the medications they need. Others have substance abuse problems. Still others are affected by drug addiction of family members. The NCOA sheds light on the issues.

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Seniors and Alcohol—What's the Real Story?

The headlines can be so confusing! Having a glass of wine or two is good for your heart and brain … or is it?

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Your pet doesn't want you to smoke; overmedication linked to frailty; seniors get the most out of volunteering.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Read about a hidden danger of pill organizers; the vital need for adaptive clothing; and a study that turns the "grouchy old man" stereotype on its ear.

No Miracle Drug for Healthy Aging

Seniors are often targeted by companies that sell useless products claiming to reverse aging or cure age-related health conditions.

New Concerns About Senior Medication Safety

Startling new studies show older adults are at higher risk of harmful drug interactions.