Topic: Mental and Emotional Health

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Creating a family health history; relieving anxiety with video games; good feelings from giving to others.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

In this issue: back pain can shorten life; fighting ageist "microagressions"; apathy in people with memory loss.

Volunteer for Better Health

Check out this infographic that shows how we help ourselves when we help others!


Aging & Caregiving In the News

Seniors benefit from yoga and Pilates; Alzheimer's caregivers are dealing with loneliness; to remember that museum trip, leave your camera behind.

Five Great Reasons to Try Tai Chi

Check out this infographic for a quick overview of this mind-body practice!

May 13 – 19, 2018 Is National Women's Health Week

In this year when women in America are speaking out and being heard more than ever, there's a new recognition that gender equality is a healthcare issue.

Seniors and Alcohol—What's the Real Story?

The headlines can be so confusing! Having a glass of wine or two is good for your heart and brain … or is it?

"What's That, Valentine? Speak Up!"

A new study examines the stresses hearing loss puts on a couple's relationship.

Draining the Swamp of Ageism

With our growing senior population, it's more pressing than ever to improve the ways we talk about growing older and the challenges of aging.

Seniors on seminar raising hands

Learn Something New Every Day

An interesting study says our brains could benefit from learning more like we did when we were children.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Read about a hidden danger of pill organizers; the vital need for adaptive clothing; and a study that turns the "grouchy old man" stereotype on its ear.

Should Seniors Get a Pet?

Pet ownership saves $11.7 billion per year in healthcare costs, say experts. Is an animal companion a good choice for you or older loved ones?

Puzzle: Generations Together

September 11 is National Grandparents Day. Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, a reminder of the many ways people of every age can have meaningful contact.

Experts Urge Seniors to Spend More Time in Nature

"Go outside and play," Mom used to say. Now it's our turn to encourage our elder loved ones to enjoy the great outdoors.