Topic: Financial

Infographic: Retirement Planning Tips

This month's infographic is a reminder of things to consider long before we plan to collect the gold watch.

How to Use Veterans Benefits with Medicare

November 11 is Veterans Day—a great time to remind seniors who served about getting the most out of their benefits.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Overturning a myth about end-of-life spending; new understanding about fractures and bone health; another reminder that your smartphone can keep you awake.

"Mom Needs Care—What About My Job?"

In September we celebrate Labor Day, a good time to look at the challenges faced by millions of working Americans who are also caring for an elderly or disabled loved one.

Helping Seniors Manage Their Social Security Benefits

Representative Payees help older adults protect this important source of income.

May 13 – 19, 2018 Is National Women's Health Week

In this year when women in America are speaking out and being heard more than ever, there's a new recognition that gender equality is a healthcare issue.

Before Claiming Your Social Security Benefits, Think It Through

It might be tempting to file for Social Security benefits as soon as you can. But this could cost you plenty.

Get Help Paying for Hearing Aids

Medicare doesn't cover the cost of these assistive devices. The National Council on Aging shares some links to organizations that can help.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Protecting seniors from a common scam; the growing caregiver burden; study shows generosity grows with age.

Seniors on Fixed Incomes Can Find Help with Rising Costs

Programs that older adults rely on could undergo changes this year that would affect their expected budgets, making it more important than ever to be aware of benefits programs.

A Top Risk Factor for Senior Financial Exploitation Is Often Overlooked

Seniors are bilked out of over $36 billion each year, say experts. And one risk factor is even more important than dementia, they tell us.

Stigma Prevents Seniors from Accessing Benefits

The well-being of many older adults depends on government benefits. Yet some seniors feel ashamed to access the benefits they’ve earned.

No Miracle Drug for Healthy Aging

Seniors are often targeted by companies that sell useless products claiming to reverse aging or cure age-related health conditions.

Many Seniors Missing Out on Benefits

A new online tool helps low-income older adults pay for health care, prescriptions, food and more.

Six Little-Known Medicare Preventive Coverages Everyone Should Use

When it comes to senior wellness, prevention and early detection of health problems is a powerful force.