Topic: Financial Planning

Infographic: Retirement Planning Tips

This month's infographic is a reminder of things to consider long before we plan to collect the gold watch.

"Mom Needs Care—What About My Job?"

In September we celebrate Labor Day, a good time to look at the challenges faced by millions of working Americans who are also caring for an elderly or disabled loved one.

May 13 – 19, 2018 Is National Women's Health Week

In this year when women in America are speaking out and being heard more than ever, there's a new recognition that gender equality is a healthcare issue.

Before Claiming Your Social Security Benefits, Think It Through

It might be tempting to file for Social Security benefits as soon as you can. But this could cost you plenty.

Top Five Fears About Growing Older

Many younger people feel apprehensive about aging. This could actually stand in the way of having the old age they would want.

Many Seniors Missing Out on Benefits

A new online tool helps low-income older adults pay for health care, prescriptions, food and more.

Aging and Caregiving in the News

The value of elders; exercise protects against Alzheimer's disease; when to collect Social Security

Puzzle: Senior Financial Fitness

Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, which contains the names of 20 great resources to protect your money.

Aging and Caregiving in the News

Seniors and robots; the value of giving advice; report shows Alzheimer's caregivers suffer financial hardship.