Topic: Just for Fun

Healthy Up Your Recipes!

Some of our favorite dishes—especially the “comfort food” we seem to be craving right now—can be awfully high in fat, sugar and salt. The National Institutes of Health has given some of these delicious classics a makeover. Enjoy!

Wordfind: Words of Wisdom

Puzzle pays tribute to the insights offered by older adults

Wordfind: 20 Healthy Aging Resolutions for 2020


Did you make New Year's resolutions this year? Here are 20 things you can do to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health during 2020!

Wordfind: Grow Better Health With Gardening

Give your brain a workout with this puzzle, which contains 20 words all about the way growing fruits, veggies and flowers provides a health boost!

Wordfind: Cultural Activities for Seniors

Cultural engagement provides a powerful anti-depressant and all-around health boost for older adults. Find some ideas in this puzzle!

Wordfind: A Trip to the Hospital

What factors promote the best possible outcome for seniors who go to the hospital? This month's puzzle contains 20 reminders.

Wordfind: "What Shots Do Seniors Need?"

Did you get your flu vaccine yet? That’s not the only immunization older adults should get. Check out this month's puzzle for a good reminder.

Puzzle: September Is Healthy Aging Month

Give your brain a workout by finding 20 things hidden in this wordfind!

Puzzle: Protect Seniors From Fraud

Give your brain a workout with this puzzle that contains scams to watch out for, and ways to protect older adults against con artists.

Puzzle: Focus on Senior Women's Health

Take a coffee break and give your brain a workout!

Puzzle: March Is National Nutrition Month

Give your brain a workout by finding 20 words to inspire us to choose a diet that promotes health aging!

Puzzle: Resolve to Protect Your Memory in 2018

Give your brain a workout and find 20 memory-promoting words in this wordfind.

Puzzle: Senior Exercise to Reduce the Risk of Falls

Learn about a safe exercise plan while you're giving your brain a little exercise, too!

Puzzle: Curiosity Is Great for Your Brain!

Find 20 lifelong learning opportunities in this wordfind.

Puzzle: Have a Safe, Healthy Summer

Give your brain a workout by finding 20 words about senior summer safety in this wordfind puzzle.

Puzzle: Healthy 2017 to You!

Did you make your resolutions yet? Take a coffee break and solve this month's puzzle! By then you should have some great ideas for your list.

Puzzle: Building a Great Senior Exercise Program

Give your brain a workout with this month's wordfind!

Puzzle: Generations Together

September 11 is National Grandparents Day. Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, a reminder of the many ways people of every age can have meaningful contact.

"A World of Wisdom" Wordfind

We're about to experience a senior boom! Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, a reminder that seniors worldwide deserve our support.

Heart Smart Wordfind

February is American Heart Month. Think a heart smart lifestyle is bland or boring? That couldn’t be farther from the truth!