Topic: Caregiver Skills

When Caregiving Siblings Squabble

When Mom and Dad need care, adult children may find themselves in disagreement—and regressing into their old childhood dynamic.

Helping Seniors Manage Their Social Security Benefits

Representative Payees help older adults protect this important source of income.

Five Trends in Family Caregiving

Changes to society have brought changes to our eldercare system—and that includes the people who provide care for their loved ones.

When It’s Time for Mom and Dad to Downsize

Here are some things to consider as you help them decide what to keep, what to give to family and friends, what to sell, and what to discard.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Your pet doesn't want you to smoke; overmedication linked to frailty; seniors get the most out of volunteering.

Techno-Caregiving: When You're Mom's Help Desk

Does this sound familiar? You went to visit your elderly parents, only to spend hours helping them with computer problems. Here are tips for those finding themselves in this increasingly common caregiver role.

Aging and Caregiving in the News

Texting affects the "sixth sense" that protects us while driving; family may notice a loved one's memory loss first; do you have "gamer's thumb"?